Case Study Four - increased fruit yields with Tomatoes

Fruit development in HALO treated Marglobe tomatoes are accelerated relative to untreated control plants. Figure 6 shows:-
The number of fruits observed on 12 control and HALO treated (20 ppm) tomato plants at 48, 56, 61 and 63 days after germination are shown. Fruit was harvested and weighed on
the 63rd day. Total fruit weights and average weights of individual fruits are inset in the dark bars. Total fruit weight from HALO treated plants was 86.42% greater than for untreated control plants.

Figure 7 shows:- Photograph of fruit harvested. Untreated control (left) and HALO treated (right). HALO treatment resulted in an increased number of fruit and more full size fruit.

Early fruit maturation in raspberry plants in response to HALO treatment.
Figure 8 shows HALO treated raspberry plants. They exhibit mature raspberries well in advance of untreated control plants. Plants were treated with 127.5 grams/acre HALO.