Case Study Two - Photosynthesis upon Tomato plants

HALO treatment of tomato plants results in increased photosynthesis, leading to increased growth rates. (See Figure 3 + Figure 4)

Three week old Marglobe tomato plants were sprayed to run off with 40 ppm HALO. Untreated controls (UTC) were kept separate during the application. The photosynthetic rate was measured with the Li-Cor LI 6400 over a period of 6 days after application. All measurements were made each day between 10:00 am and noon. Photosynthetic rates increased to 19.8% after 1 day and 25.4% after 4 days.

HALO treatments elicit increased photosynthetic rates in diverse plant species. All plant species tested have exhibited an increase in photosynthetic activity upon HALO treatment as compared to untreated controls.
HALO treatment results in increased net CO2 uptake and therefore increased photosynthetic rate for a wide range of plant species tested thus far. These include wheat, tomato, asparagus, grapes, and strawberry.
• Elevated photosynthetic rates were demonstrated using two independent methods
of measurement in controlled laboratory conditions and in field conditions.
• Photosynthetic rates remain elevated above basal levels for at least four days following a
single HALO treatment.